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Basic Value Philosophies

Management Philosophy: cost, quality, service, target, procedure, and performance evaluation.

Innovation Philosophy: carry out valuable innovation.

Marketing Philosophy: focus on customers.

Knowledge Management Philosophy: accumulate, share, and create value.

Capital Operation Philosophy: active and reliable, select the best, and mutual benefit.

Value Distribution Philosophy: performance guided.

Social Responsibility Philosophy: prosper with employees, grow with customers, and contribute to society.

Market Philosophy: subdivide, focus, and collaborate.

Technology Philosophy: technological innovation is the motive power.

Talent Philosophy: capability decides the stage, performance embodies value, and fortune rewards intelligence.

Productivity Philosophy: per capita productivity.

Enterprise spirit

Work Style: quick response and accurate execution;

Crisis Awareness: step forward or out;

Sense of Competition: forge ahead courageously and dare to face competition.

Core Concept

Core Values: customer, innovation, team, fighting spirit and method;

Mission: lead the tide of information technology and promote the progress of social civilization;

Vision: become the service provider of advanced information technology products and leading solutions;

Four Strategies: professionalism, integration, internationalization, and community of interest

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