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极速快乐8直播:Inspur Showcases Cloud Computing, Big Data and AI Solutions at 2018 CEBIT


The 2018 CEBIT was held from June 11-15, 2018. Inspur, a global provider of cloud computing, big data and AI solutions, demonstrated a series of world-renowned innovations and applications, exhibiting the power of technology. This year's CEBIT focuses on the digitization of business and society; the four main topics include: d!conomy, d!tec, d!talk and d!campus. These topics demonstrate a blueprint of digital future.

At the conference, Inspur showcased the ODCC standard rack scale server, high-end mission critical 8-way server TS860, OpenPower9 systems, storage optimized server 4U106 Bay servers, and other systems designed for cloud. The full-stack AI solution includes the highest density GPU server -- AGX-2 -- with NVIDIA NVLink enabled, management software AIstation, care-MPI framework and the capability for application optimization.

As the world's first NVLink enabled supercomputer with 8 NVIDIA V100 within 2U form factor, the AGX-2 improves the computing efficiency to develop high performance to propel AI, deep learning and advanced analytics development.

With over 60% market share, Inspur's rack scale servers are widely used by CSPs such as Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and 12306 (railway ticket online booking platform). It has set and maintains the record of deploying 10,000 nodes per day.

Those technologies and solutions make Inspur a choice partner of world leading companies. Per the latest IDC and Gartner report, Inspur boasts a global top-3 fastest growth rate in the server sector, while growth in multi-node cloud servers is ranked first worldwide. In the AI server field, Inspur has a 57% share of sales, which exceeds the total share of other manufacturers.

Now Inspur's globalization is forging ahead with business covering 113 countries and regions, 8 global R&D centers, 6 global production centers, and 2 global service centers. Inspur's business has grown rapidly in the United States, Europe, Korea, and Japan.






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