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High-Performance and Reliability

Inspur entered Chinese commercial storage market formally and continuously committed to research & development and innovation of product technology in 2001; it put forward “Active Storage” product concept and launched first unified storage in 2005; And it developed first PB-level mass storage system in China in 2009; in 2015, it released high-end enterprise-level storage AS18000; in 2016, it developed solid state storage and SDS and put forward the technical route of “software defined + hardware reconfiguration”; in 2017, it released new generation Intelligent storage G2 platform.

Inspur storage is oriented to customer demands, and storage product line is continuously enriched and improved; at present, Inspur has achieved high, middle and low-end product layouts, high-end storage AS18000 fully-connected architecture ensures stability and reliability; software-defined storage AS13000 blades supply on demand to meet EB-level capacity expansion; middle-end converged storage AS5000G2 with active-active architecture supports SAN+NAS unified storage; solid state storage HF5000 achieves extreme performance with IOPS of 350,000 per cabinet and 0.1ms extremely low latency.

Inspur is highly recognized by users depending on advanced reliable product, solution meeting user demands and perfect professional service, and has been successfully applied to many core fields, such as finance, communication, government, energy sources, education, medical treatment and enterprises.

Inspur storage creates reliable data storage and management expert and helps users achieve data value maximization .

Integrate advanced technologies and innovations

Master the cutting-edge technology in the industry, provide key data storage

Professional and Focus

Provides integrated customized solutions and high-efficiency platform, lowering overall TCO

Industry Leader

A leading brand in the storage industry and committed to innovation of core technologies and products

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