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Delivering industry-leading IaaS platform services with the reliable and modular design.


Delivering industry-leading IaaS platform services with the reliable, modular and standard design.

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?Driven by mobile internet, Big Data, IoT and other technologies, enterprises are migrating traditional IT to the cloud for more efficient operations and cost optimization.

Regardless of where you are on the way to the cloud, Inspur can provide the infrastructure platforms to get the job done right.

The rich Inspur portfolio of server and converged solutions delivers a wide range of the capabilities to build a more reliable, secure and agile Enterprise cloud.


Inspur’s methodology to transform traditional IT to an Enterprise cloud involves 3 major steps that build on each other. The goal is to create a fully integrated and efficiently managed pool of IT services capable of providing users with the resources and services they require.
?Hardware Virtualization:
The 1st step involves maximizing the utilization of computing resources and storage platform to increase efficiency and reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX). You can create a virtual resource tool with the ability to manage the resources on demand. Hardware resources are no longer tied to legacy applications or platforms that can be provisioned to somewhere else. This approach also provides significant cost optimization and the agility to rapidly respond to changing business demands.
?Data Consolidation:
The 2nd step is to summarize large quantities of information from separated systems, departments and organizations. Data consolidation improves productivity and efficiency by collecting and integrating into a single data store such as a virtual resource pool. Also enterprises are able to make more successful business decision with a comprehensive view of suppliers and customers by accessing and analyzing the data.
?Service Innovation:
The 3rd step is to improve the products and services with innovative business model and business strategy in order to attract more attention from consumers. Traditional IT has been transformed to be service-driven with on demand resources and automated management that can effectively support the increasing demands.

Inspur Enterprise Cloud solution has following targets:
?To provide a high stability cloud platform;
?To meet the business demands;
?To provide a high scalability cloud platform;
?To satisfy long-term planning of multiple data centers.

Inspur Enterprise Cloud solution provides customers with cloud resource pool, cloud services, cloud operation management, cloud security, cloud standards and cloud mechanism. The system logical architecture is shown in the picture below:

Logical Arch

?Cloud Resource Pool
Construction of Cloud resource pool includes the primary data center and disaster recovery data center.
Main data center construction includes:
?Integration of heterogeneous physical equipment such as server, storage, network and security devices;
?Integration of heterogeneous software such as Software-Defined Computing, Software-Defined Network and Software-Defined Storage;
?Resource pool such as computing, network and storage resource pools;
?Physical server resource pool for RMDB cluster, Big Data, etc.
?Disaster recovery (DR) data center will be built according to the actual requirements.
?Cloud Service
Cloud service construction includes IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).
?IaaS Services
IaaS is the foundation of the whole platform and it delivers the infrastructure resources such as computing service, storage service and network service.
?Computing service includes the delivery of cloud servers, physical servers, containers, virtual datacenter and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).
?Network service includes the delivery of virtual network, SDN, firewall and load balancing.
?Storage service includes the delivery of cloud disk/LUN, object storage, cloud storage and Big Data storage.
?PaaS Services
The PaaS provides a database platform, middleware, software development and testing framework for smooth migration and management of resources through a unified Cloud architecture. It includes basic services, Big Data services, and application services.
?Basic services includes Cloud Hosting, Cloud Storage, and Relational database, etc.
?Big Data services involves distributed computing, memory computing, streaming computing, searching and data collection, and other Big Data analysis tools based on the basic services.
?Application services such as Cloud application engine, distributed cache, message queue and Develops (development and operations) are built based on data analysis results.
?SaaS Layer Services
SaaS layer construction is divided into generic services and business applications. Generic services include unified accounts, message collaboration, data management, application stores, etc. The business applications are customized based on real-time customer services.
?Cloud Operation Management
Cloud operation management includes the self-service portal of tenants and the management portal of system administrators.
It includes visible scheduling, applications and services orchestration, resource management, assets management and charging, Cloud monitoring, Big Data analysis, user authority and audit management, Cloud disaster recovery and backups, Cloud security and Hybrid Cloud management, etc.
?The system administrator has the highest authority, and orchestrates and delivers the service catalog to the end users. The users manage and monitor the local resources through the self-service portal.
?The resource applicants (the end users) request resources through the self-service portal. The system administrator (O&M staff) can monitor the operation status of the whole platform and set the policy.
The platform doubles the capacity of the existing system to manage the Cloud resources and hardware devices.
?Cloud Security
Cloud security includes external and internal security.
External security includes technical and management levels.
?The technical level ensures the security of physical layer, network layer, host, application layer, data layer, etc.
?The management level contains management institution, management regulation, personnel management, system construction and operation management.
Internal security includes internal borders remodeling, security domain isolation, software-defined security resources, antivirus deployment, unified security management platform, cloud security, audit management, and disaster recovery. Security managers manage the security platform with a unified portal.
?Cloud Standard
Our solution follows existing international and enterprises standards and criterions to meet the project requirements, and develop new standards and criterions.
?Cloud Mechanism
Our solution improves the criterions on organization management, personnel management, regulation construction, technology innovation, appraisal and supervision.

Inspur Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Enterprise Cloud
Inspur provides enterprises with the products and technologies including server, storage, switch, converged solutions, cloud OS, Big Data platform and cloud applications they need for the Enterprise cloud. Cloud infrastructure from Inspur delivers products and solutions with high reliability, flexibility and automation to enterprises.
Inspur InCloudRack is a significant innovative product of hyper-fusion architecture, including multiple computing, storage, network resource, and a unified management platform. With the restructuring of hardware and configuration of software, InCloudRack will ideally be used for many applications including compute-intensive application, virtualization environment, cloud management platform, distributed storage, RDMS, ERP, CRM, big data, high-performance computing, and NFV. With InCloudRack, the deployment density can be improved by 47%, the power consumption can be reduced by 15% and the implementation can be speed up by 5 times.
Inspur NF5280M5 server is a new-generation and highly flexible product that delivers up to 163% the performance and 167% the storage capacity than its predecessor. The full modular design of NF5280M5 provides agile combination of storage, IO and heterogeneous modules with more than 30 configurations to meet a variety of business demands of Cloud Computing, Big Data and HPC.
InCloud Manager:
InCloud Manager (ICM) software supports private cloud and hybrid cloud platform management by providing an open and secure management platform. It is integrating the management platforms of computing, storage, and network resource to build software-defined datacenter, dynamic optimization of applications, intelligent resource management, and automatic service delivery.
InCloud OpenStack:
OpenStack is the world leading open source cloud computing solution framework and the de facto standard. Inspur’s standard x86 based hardware platforms are fully validated on Mirantis OpenStack and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. Also OpenStack is a key component in Inspur’s InCloudOS. Inspur provides various service packages such as sizing and architecture design, deployment, support and more.

Solution in Open Source Framework avoids Vendor Lock-in
By adopting mainstream products and solutions in open source framework of the industry such as KVM, OpenStack, Cloud foundry, Hadoop, Spark, Docker, Kubernetes, etc., our solution can avoid Vendor Lock-in.
Productization and Loose Coupling
Compared to code-level tight coupling products, open source products based on productized components has easier deployment and operation features.
Mass Concurrent Solution of the Internet Level Oriented to Future with Consideration of History
IT Oriented architecture with millions of concurrent access, this solution is compatible with the heterogeneous platform, hybrid cloud and historical hardware and software IT infrastructure. Its features of compatibility with current business and easy migration to better satisfy customer's need.
Advanced and Reasonable
The overall construction solution is based on the international leading technical architecture of cloud computing and Big Data, and combined with the features of advancement, openness, reliability, security, stability, fault tolerance, operability, scalability and maintainability, which has the best balance and reasonability.
Mature Product Verified by the Market
This mature enterprise-class product completely satisfies the platform construction requirements and is compliance with the features of applications, which already has lots of benchmarking cases, operation experience of public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud as well as best practice experience of a large-scale enterprise cloud.
Easy Operation and Management
We adopt self-service platform establishment and delivery with unified operation and management; graphic operation interface based on B/S architecture which can be displayed through an optimized and decentralized business process, sub-domain management, distributed all-round monitoring and scanning to ensure the safe operation of the data center.
The platform can integrate with Phase II, Phase III and other subsequent projects seamlessly with IaaS +PaaS +SaaS +Big Data solutions.
Easy to Build Up Open and Innovative Platform
Based on the cloud computing platform in Platform + Service mode, We can realize the following functions including building up innovative business application system on the basis of cloud computing and Big Data resources; fast allocation of cloud computing service, the openness of standard API interface, and convergence with advanced technology and products in the industry; providing high-performance, high-reliability and high-available platform services to create open, converged, innovative, safe and intelligent cloud computing platform.
Low Cost and High Performance
This solution in open source framework which has features of low cost and high performance.

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